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Top 5 loudest sports

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While attending live sports is adrenaline inducing fun, what you might not be aware of is that the noise generated at some of the most popular events could be damaging your hearing. 

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Types of shooting sports in the UK

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Shooting has been a recognised sport for well over 130 years, with a number of different disciplines being created.

Each discipline utilises different guns, distances and targets depending on what you want to try your hand at. So, to get you started, we’ve outlined some of the most popular types of shooting...

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What hearing protection do I need for shooting?

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Of all the pastimes to participate in, few present as much risk to our hearing as shooting. Hearing protection is widely available and inexpensive, so what is the best protection for you?

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Common biker myths about ear plugs

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Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of reasons as to why people don’t wear hearing protection, and there are still many myths flying around. As I wrote my last blog for Auritech, I recalled some of the most common objections I heard from bikers when talking about the subject. Here are the five I hear the most, and my usual riposte!

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The joy of discovering hearing protection

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There is one regret that I will forever have. It is with me every second of every day, and was so easily preventable. I really wish I had discovered ear plugs when I was a teenager.
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Preparing for the start of the new motorcycle season

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Easter weekend is traditionally a time when many motorcyclists take to the road after a winter in hibernation. Read our tips to make sure your kit is in top top condition before you set off on a ride.

Five reason why Tinnitus Awareness Week really matters

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This week marks the annual Tinnitus Awareness Week, which is arranged by the British Tinnitus Association. We think that the British Tinnitus Association’s annual awareness week is very worthwhile. Here are just five reasons why…

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Why ear plugs should be part of your riding kit essentials

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Most motorcyclists in the UK are unlikely to ever go out for a ride without wearing their protective jacket, trousers, gloves and boots. As the saying goes, most “dress for the slide, not the ride”. But when it comes to hearing protection, not all riders hold ear plugs in the same high regard as the rest of their essential kit. But they should. Find out more...

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Tired of noise keeping you awake?

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Ear plugs have been around for a long time, and are widely used during noisy activities like shooting, motorcycling and water sports to prevent hearing damage. However, fewer people consider using them to aid their sleep. Read more here to find out how they could transform your sleepless nights.


Return to racing for Auritech-supported riders

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After almost 12 months out of motorcycle racing due to Covid-19, Auritech-supported riders Maria Costello MBE and Thomas Strudwick, were finally able to get back to competitive riding in September. We caught up with them to find out how it is going.

Summer activities that could damage your hearing

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It’s the activities that usually take place in summer that can cause both short and long term damage to our hearing, but how many of us think actually about the health of our hearing when going out to have fun in the sun? Although it’s one more thing to think about, it’s vital that you do.
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Rider review: Auritech Biker Ear Plugs

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Andrew Luckie, who rides a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636, tells us how he came to realise the importance of hearing protection, and his experience with Auritech ear plugs.


The dangers of listening to loud music

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Exposure to loud noise is the biggest cause of hearing loss after ageing, according to the charity Action on Hearing Loss. Prolonged exposure to excessive levels loud noise, like loud music listened to through earbuds, can damage the structure of the ear.


Can travelling in a convertible cause hearing damage?

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Feeling the wind through your hair, the warmth from the sun and getting a sense of freedom is one of the main reasons drivers buy a drop top car. However, driving or travelling in a convertible has the potential to damage your hearing when driving at certain speeds. Here’s what you need to know.


Your guide to motorcycle track days

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The majority of motorcycles are capable of speeds well in excess of 100mph, and have suspension and brake components that you’ll never be able to fully use on the road. So, what’s the best way to test the real capabilities of your bike? This is where track days come in.

How to ride with a pillion

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If you, as the rider, get it right, taking a passenger on your bike could trigger a lifelong love for bikes and inspire your passenger to take the plunge and learn to ride themselves. But get it wrong, it’s more than likely they’ll never want to sit on a bike again, let alone ride on one. So how can you make sure they enjoy it?


Listen up: Protect your hearing at work

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Due to the noisy nature of construction and agriculture, almost three million people who work in these sectors are at high risk of developing issues with their hearing if exposure to noise isn’t managed, or hearing protection isn’t taken seriously.
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Don't let DIY damage your hearing

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Whether it’s as simple as mowing the lawn, or undertaking bigger household or vehicle DIY projects, you could be exposed to potentially damaging noise levels if your ears are unprotected when using certain tools. Read more to find out what could be putting you at risk, and how to protect yourself.

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Tips for working from home

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The current Covid-19 crisis has seen many of us working at home for the first time, while even experienced homeworkers are having to cope with sub-optimal working conditions as the whole family find themselves in lockdown during the pandemic. Read our tips to find out how to make your working at home time more productive.
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Starting young with Auritech Music Hearing Protection

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For too many of us, learning to look after our hearing is a lesson learned too late in life.

People often only realise the harm they are doing to their hearing after the initial damage has been done. Of course, it’s never too late to protect one’s hearing.  

But, it’s better to start young, so we gave teenage drummer Danny Walton-Brennan a pair of Auritech Music hearing protectors to try out. Here’s what he thought…

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Getting your motorcycle ready for Spring

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As the sun emerges from the gloomy winter, many motorcyclists will be dusting off their bikes and getting ready to head out on the highway again. And while it’s tempting to thumb that starter and head off over the horizon, it’s worth taking some time out to conduct some pre-flight checks, to ensure bike and rider are ready for the summer ahead.


Why Tinnitus Awareness Week is important for us all

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Although tinnitus won't kill you, it can have a significant affect upon your quality of life. The good news though it that it's largely preventable, by ensuring that you protect your ears from loud noises.
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Catching up with Maria Costello

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By winning the World Supersport 300 title Spain’s Ana Carrasco has put female motorcycle racers on the map in recent years, but one fast Brit has been blazing the trail for lady racers for over two decades now. Auritech wearer Maria Costello was a lap record holder at the Isle of Man TT and today, uniquely, she races on both two wheels and three around the famous course.

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Time to listen up when game shooting

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The cold, hard truth is that shooting without any ear protection, whether shooting game, clays, or targets, is a serious issue. Any sound above 85db risks permanent hearing damage and tinnitus. And with some shotguns putting out 150db, the risk of permanent hearing damage is very real. It may not happen straight away, but if you carry on shooting without ear protection it will gradually creep into loss of hearing.

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Why earplugs can help you get a great night's sleep

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Whether you have a noisy partner, want to get a bit of shut eye in a public place, are sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings or are just a light sleeper, ear plugs can be an inexpensive and easy way of helping you feel fresher and more energised during the day.

Gig goers warned of hearing damage risk

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Fans of live music are warned that they risk causing permanent damage to their hearing if they fail to wear suitable ear protection while at gigs.

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How to properly insert Auritech ear plugs

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It's vital to insert your ear plugs properly to ensure maximum protection and comfort. Read here to discover our tips on getting the most from your Auritech hearing protection
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Early prevention: taking action against hearing damage as teenagers

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Whether it’s attending rock concerts, going to festivals or nightclubs, playing in a band or riding motorcycles, teenagers and young people are often exposed to loud sounds for prolonged periods, and often aren’t aware of the need to wear hearing protection.
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Testing the Auritech Biker earplugs in the real world and in the press

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Recently we undertook a number of research projects to complement our previous data and to get independent feedback on our products. The purpose of the this test was to prove (or otherwise) the myth riders don’t always need to wear earplugs  as different screens and helmets can reduce exposure to wind noise to safe levels.


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Counting the cost of disposable foam ear plugs

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For many people, disposable foam earplugs are an important part of the daily routine. Failure to block out noise can cause irreversible hearing damage, which can have serious implication on a sufferer’s personal and professional life. These disposable plugs are by far and away the most popular, but despite their low costs there are some serious health, environmental and cost implications to take into consideration.


How noise induced hearing damage and loss occurs

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We all know that exposure to loud bangs and prolonged noise can cause hearing damage and ultimately deafness, but what is less commonly known is how it actually occurs, and what can be done to prevent it.

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Sammy CB600 finds that Auritech ear plugs are a perfect fit

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Bedfordshire based Sammy rides a Honda CB600F Hornet and a two-stroke Beta Xtrainer enduro bike. She knows the importance of protecting her hearing, but up until now has found ear plugs very uncomfortable. Read our blog to find our why Auritech ear plugs solved the problem for her.


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Dan Tyrrell enjoys the best of both worlds with Auritech

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Dan Tyrrell loves his bikes, and always modifies the exhaust, so listening to the sound of the bike is an important part of his enjoyment. Understandably, he was wary of using hearing protection, until he discovered that with Auritech Biker he could still enjoy the mellow tone of the engine whilst protecting his hearing.
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@cbrjordan converts to Auritech Biker hearing protection

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CBRJordan was keen to give the Auritech Biker plugs a try and see what they were made of. Read our blog to find our how he got on, and understand why trying to drown out wind noise with music is not good for your health.
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Auritech's guide to Bluetooth Helmets and Intercom systems

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There’s a new breed of Bluetooth helmets out there which are either fully integrated with speakers, microphones and control buttons, or at least designed to seamlessly work with your iPhone or Android device. Read about them in our blog.
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Catching up with Thomas Strudwick

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It's been a brilliant start to the year for the talented racer Thomas Strudwick, and we caught up with him for his thoughts on the season so far...


Ten top tips for motorcycle touring

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Ten top tips to ensure you are packed and ready to get the most from your motorcycling holiday. From clothing to getting the right documents, it's all vital preparation to enjoy your tour.

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Zoe Turner is loving her new Auritech Biker earplugs

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Zoe has been riding a very loud Kawasaki ZX6R on the road for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, she had never used ear protection in that time. However, as soon as she tried our ‘AuritechBiker’ universal ear protection, Zoe was converted. Read what she had to say about her ear protection revelation.


Auritech Motorcycle Ear Plugs and the Honda Gold Wing

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When Honda UK’s motorcycle PR guy, David Rogers, wanted to enjoy the sound of the new Gold Wing’s engine, cut harmful wind noise, and make the most of the Wing’s new sound system on the recent press launch in Texas, he chose Auritech.