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How noise induced hearing damage and loss occurs

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We all know that exposure to loud bangs and prolonged noise can cause hearing damage and ultimately deafness, but what is less commonly known is how it actually occurs, and what can be done to prevent it.

Sammy CB600 reviews Auritech ear plugs

Sammy CB600 finds that Auritech ear plugs are a perfect fit

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Bedfordshire based Sammy rides a Honda CB600F Hornet and a two-stroke Beta Xtrainer enduro bike. She knows the importance of protecting her hearing, but up until now has found ear plugs very uncomfortable. Read our blog to find our why Auritech ear plugs solved the problem for her.


Dan Tyrrell

Dan Tyrrell enjoys the best of both worlds with Auritech

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Dan Tyrrell loves his bikes, and always modifies the exhaust, so listening to the sound of the bike is an important part of his enjoyment. Understandably, he was wary of using hearing protection, until he discovered that with Auritech Biker he could still enjoy the mellow tone of the engine whilst protecting his hearing.

@cbrjordan converts to Auritech Biker hearing protection

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CBRJordan was keen to give the Auritech Biker plugs a try and see what they were made of. Read our blog to find our how he got on, and understand why trying to drown out wind noise with music is not good for your health.
Helmets and Intercom systems

Auritech's guide to Bluetooth Helmets and Intercom systems

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There’s a new breed of Bluetooth helmets out there which are either fully integrated with speakers, microphones and control buttons, or at least designed to seamlessly work with your iPhone or Android device. Read about them in our blog.

Catching up with Thomas Strudwick

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It's been a brilliant start to the year for the talented racer Thomas Strudwick, and we caught up with him for his thoughts on the season so far...

Touring bike

Ten top tips for motorcycle touring

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Ten top tips to ensure you are packed and ready to get the most from your motorcycling holiday. From clothing to getting the right documents, it's all vital preparation to enjoy your tour.

Zoe Turner is loving her new Auritech Biker earplugs

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Zoe has been riding a very loud Kawasaki ZX6R on the road for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, she had never used ear protection in that time. However, as soon as she tried our ‘AuritechBiker’ universal ear protection, Zoe was converted. Read what she had to say about her ear protection revelation.

Auritech Motorcycle Ear Plugs and the Honda Gold Wing

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When Honda UK’s motorcycle PR guy, David Rogers, wanted to enjoy the sound of the new Gold Wing’s engine, cut harmful wind noise, and make the most of the Wing’s new sound system on the recent press launch in Texas, he chose Auritech.