Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Why Choose Auritech Earplugs?


Noise-induced deafness is irreversible, so hearing protection is essential in many environments. Hearing impairment is not caused overnight – it is generally incremental damage over a period of time.

Damage occurs at noise levels over 80dB, with each 3dB increase equating to a doubling of noise.

Consider these typical noise sources
Circular saw: 110dB
Drilling: 100dB
High pressure cleaning jet: 105dB
Motorway traffic: 95dB
Grinder: 117dB
Motorcycle at 70mph: 115dB
Shotgun blast: 130dB

Hearing protectors attenuate the noise, but only make sense if they are worn all the time during noise exposure.

So Auritech customisable moulded ear plugs and universal fit ear plugs are both designed to fit comfortably, cause no irritation, and allow you to communicate normally.

Highest Precision

Our technology ensures that you get the best sound from your in-ear defenders. Auritech patented sound filters are made from a special ceramic material including zirconium oxide, at temperatures of over 2,700°C, under strictly controlled conditions. The quality of this high-tech ceramic material ensures precision attenuation and high definition sound.

The Venturi-shaped channel running through the centre of the filter absorbs sound waves differently from other filters ensuring best quality, safe, dampened sound.


Auritech has over 20 years experience in development of customised hearing protection (otoplastics) across Europe in motorsport, music, industry, military, police & shooting sports.


CE mark approved

Produced in an industry-leading, state of the art manufacturing facility, Auritech Hearing Protectors are tested by the internationally acknowledged Institute for Health and Safety at Work (IFA) and the Social Accident Insurance (DGIV), in Germany. All Auritech products comply with and surpass the strict European guidelines of EN352-2:2002.