Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Time to listen up when game shooting

Posted on 27 November 2019

Auritech shoot earpugs at live shoot

We’ve all been there. Standing on a peg with the inevitable mickey taking and banter before the first flush of birds.

Nervous apprehension before the sky goes dark with pheasant and partridge.
Have I loaded my cartridges? Is my safety still on? Is my dog going to run off? Have I filled my pocket up with shells for a big drive? And, what was it they just shouted?

Someone shouts, “Over.”

As the first bird comes your way, it’s all eyes on you as you aim for the first shot of the day. But you struggle to hear the shout because the £9.99 ear cups that looked like a bargain have blanked out not just the noise of gun fire, but also any hushed conversation between the guns.

We know that battery-powered electronic ear muffs work well, but they’re often incredibly expensive, and we also know plenty of shooters who don’t wear any ear protection at all, because they like to hear what’s going on, while others find enclosed ear muffs uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods too, as they can make the wearer feel hot and sweaty.

The cold, hard truth is that shooting without any ear protection, whether shooting game, clays, or targets, is a serious issue. Any sound above 85db risks permanent hearing damage and tinnitus. And with some shotguns putting out 150db, the risk of permanent hearing damage is very real. It may not happen straight away, but if you carry on shooting without ear protection it will gradually creep into loss of hearing.

At Auritech we know that you need to listen as well as protect yourself from harmful noises when the cartridge fires.

Which is why our Auritech Shoot ear plugs feature a precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filter tuned to maximise protection from harmful sounds. It gives maximum protection from harmful sounds, but cleverly allows conversation to be clearly heard.
They’re washable, and come with a storage case to make sure they’re easy to find in your shoot jacket. Give them a try the next time you’re out in the field, on the clay ground or at the gun club.