Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Where To Buy Auritech Earplugs

Auritech Hearing Protecting Products are widely available online and on the high street.

Universal Fit earplugs

You can purchase the whole range of Auritech Universal Fit Hearing Protectors right here on the website – buy them now from the individual product pages.

Auritech Universal Fit hearing protectors are also available on Amazon.

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Custom fit earplugs

Our Custom fit earplug range is only available directly through us: see our custom made page for more details on how to order and arrange mouldings.

Are you a retailer?

If you would like to stock Auritech SHOOT, please contact one of our distributors:

Garlands Ltd

John Rothery (Wholesale) Co. Ltd.
Rothery House, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7XX
Tel: 023 9224 5350
Email: [email protected]

Garlands Ltd

Garlands Ltd
Raddle Lane, Edingale, Tamworth B79 9JR
Tel: 01827 383300
Email: [email protected]

If you would like to stock Auritech BIKER, please contact our distributor:

Nevis Marketing Limited

Nevis Marketing Limited
11 Endeavour Park, Crow Arch Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1SF
Tel: 01425 478 936
Email: [email protected]

For all other retail enquires please contact Alex Duggan:

Appia Healthcare Limited, Carmanah Lodge, August Lane, Farley Green, Guildford GU5 9DP
Tel: 01483 516 434
Email: [email protected]

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