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Auritech Biker Earplugs

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Auritech chosen as Ride Magazine Best Buy, April 2019

Precision noise filtration

  • Reduces wind & road noise
  • Allows communication & intercom use
  • Enhances situation awareness
  • Comfortable, washable & re-usable

Ideal protection for bikers & motorsport

Why do I need Auritech motorcycle hearing protection?

Wind noise on a motorbike produces noises levels up to 105dB; levels can reach 130dB for motorsport spectators. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use specialist ear plugs for motorbike riders.

What makes Auritech motorbike earplugs different?

Developed over 20 years by leading experts, Auritech BIKER Hearing Protectors are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.

Precision-tuned, patented ceramic filters ensure maximum protection from dangerous levels of high frequency wind, road & engine noise. Unique filtration allows lower frequency sounds such as conversation, sat nav, sirens and horns, and the lower pitch of your engine and exhaust to remain clearly audible, with no muffled effect.

Comfortable and suitable for all ages - Auritech are the ideal earplugs for bikers and other motorsport enthusiasts.


“I got some auritech ear plugs after chatting with another rider, I had been using the cheap foam ones but never really got on with them, apart from having to keep chucking them away after one use I found they muted out pretty much all sound which I didn't like while riding.

“The auritech ones work better, for me anyway, I can still hear what people are saying and hear the engine note, but I don't get the wind noise, which is the thing that gives me a headache.

“They are are easy to clean plus you get a small canister to keep them in. So no having to put them straight into a pocket. Sorted.”

(November 2018)

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Diagram showing the innovative features of an Auritech earplug
  1. Patented Venturi shaped sound channel through centre of filter, uniquely formed for each product in the range
  2. Precision-tuned, patented ceramic filter positioned deeper in your ear than other products, for maximum protection
  3. Allows normal conversation, while effectively turning down volume on other noise with no muffling (occlusion) effect
  4. Unique tri-sectional design for ultimate comfort, suitable for all ages (nominal diameter range 6–12mm
  5. Silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic for ultimate comfort

Unique design for optimum safety

Diagram of the ear showing an Auritech earplug fitted

Auritech have created the first and only Universal-Fit Hearing Protectors, that are able to position a precision sound filter deeply into the hearing channel of the ear. This ensures that the maximum level of sound waves reaching your eardrum is first filtered.

Auritech revolutionary design ensures optimum attenuation, helping prevent damaging sound waves from passing around the outside of the filter. Precision filtration does not muffle or block your ears, so you will not experience an ‘occlusion’ effect common with other hearing protectors.

The patented ceramic filter is frequency-selective, so allows you to hear normal conversation and relevant background sounds - so you can carry on as normal, hardly noticing you are wearing hearing protectors.


Protection/attenuation data

Graph showing the attenuation data for Auritech Biker Earplugs
All data are in decibels (dB).
M = Mean attenuation; S = Standard deviation; APV = Assumed protection value; SNR = Single number rating; H-,M-,L- = Value in High, Medium and Low frequency spectrum

Auritech BIKER Hearing Protectors are precisely tuned for optimum attenuation at the frequencies required by motorsport enthusiasts, particularly motorcyclists.

The independently measured mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 29.6dB at the higher (most damaging) frequencies.

Recommended by ADAC Rider Training


Auritech Hearing Protectors are tested and approved by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance), Germany (CE0121). All Auritech Hearing Protectors are certified for conformity to Council Directive 89/686/EEC, EN-352-2:2002 and NEN-EN-ISO9001:2008 (Article 11 Point B of Directive 89/686/EEC) under the supervision of TÜV Nederland QA B.V.