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Why earplugs can help you get a great night's sleep

Posted on 27 September 2019

Woman kept awake by snoring


Pretty much everyone knows the benefits of ear plugs as a way in which to protect your hearing in noisy environments, but fewer of us consider wearing them as a way of helping get a good night’s sleep.


Whether you have a noisy partner, want to get a bit of shut eye in a public place, are sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings or are just a light sleeper, ear plugs can be an inexpensive and easy way of helping you feel fresher and more energised during the day.


Many seasoned travellers know the benefits already, especially if they like to sleep on aeroplanes and trains, or regularly find themselves sleeping in hotels. It goes without saying that being able to block out loud noises and creating a peaceful environment encourages good sleep, which in turn makes us feel better during the day, which is why Auritech has created a bespoke version of its patented filtered ear plugs designed specifically to encourage peaceful sleep.


While inexpensive foam ear plugs can block out almost all external noise, for many sleepers they create as many problems as they do solutions. By completely blocking the ear canal, these foam plugs can be uncomfortable for many wearers, making them feel itchy and sweaty. They can also lead to a build up of ear wax and have to be thrown away after being worn once, to reduce the risk of contracting an ear infection. This also has an environmental impact.


By blocking out all noise, these disposable plugs also have another unwanted effect. Alarms, baby monitors and any other noises you may actually want to wake you up will be inaudible, while the effect of having the ear canal fully blocked can create a feeling of dizziness or disorientation to some.


That’s where special ear plugs like Auritech Sleep come into their own. Because they are made from a silicone-free hypoallergenic thermoplastic, the Auritech Sleep plugs can be washed and reused again and again. The conical shape allows for a universal fit that’s comfortable for wearers of all ages and ear sizes, but the real magic lies in the patented ceramic filter.


This tiny venturi shaped filter has been specially tuned to allow for the attenuation of the annoying sounds you don’t want to hear, but ensures that the ear canal is never fully sealed – removing the disorientating effect that can come from wearing traditional ear plugs and ensuring that alarms can still be heard.


Auritech Sleep ear plugs have been developed for a wide range of applications but are particularly suitable for those exposed to loud snoring, people staying in noisy hotels or apartments, hospital patients or simply those who like to make their surroundings as quiet as possible when trying to get to sleep.


Combined with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, as well as a dark and comfortable sleeping environment, ear plugs designed specifically to encourage restful sleep can help you feel more refreshed each day.


Auritech Sleep ear plugs are priced at £19.95. For more details, please visit: