Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Ride with Peaks reviews Auritech earplugs

Posted on 1 June 2018

Our reviewer Alex, from RideWithPeaks, just likes riding bikes. Not only does he like riding them, he likes photographing bikes, talking about bikes and working on bikes. Alex comes from Stoke-onTrent and is quite simply motorcycle mad if you couldn't already tell. He likes to try anything that will heighten his riding experience , hence the review we have received from him on our Auritech Biker plugs. See below what he thinks of our universal ear protection.

"I have never been a fan of using earplugs as I could never find any with a balance of comfort and effectiveness. Plugs that are great at blocking out road noise can be extremely annoying when stopped, paying for fuel or before getting on the bike. Sometimes they caused me earache and often, once taken out, I'd forget to put them back in, exposing me to dangerous noise levels.

I know I’ve abused my hearing over the years with the constant barrage of loud engines, loud music and industrial noise though my job. All of this damage is irreversible but preventable. Even at 28, I sometimes get ringing in my ears and quite severe headaches, and I’m keen to stop the damage getting worse. Having a loud bike doesn't help with this.

I’ve spoken with a few people to find out their take on hearing protection, and it was alarming how many said they wished they started using it sooner. The thing is, hearing protection always seems a bit of a taboo subject.

So, having learnt that it’s never too late to start, I’m giving it a go. Inserting the Auritech plug is easy, pulling the ear up and back, then pushing the plug in while twisting slightly.  The soft silicone material easily flexes and contours to the shape of the ear and provides a great seal.

At first, I couldn’t really tell a difference, everything sounded normal. I could still hear people talk to me, could hear my footsteps walking along the pavement and could still hear the birds singing. As I started the bike up, I immediately noticed the lower volume from the exhaust can, although I could still hear the birds!

When out on the road the difference is alarming, not just the exhaust noise but also wind noise on the helmet. That constant wind noise drone has the volume lowered to a comfortable level, the exhaust bass note that reverberates through my head is lowered to a bearable level, but the best part is crackles and pops from the exhaust are still audible. Music and sat nav directions are clear through my in-helmet speakers, as the plugs have a filter in them. This blocks out engine and wind noise, but they let in conversation and sirens for example.

Another unexpected bonus is that I have found myself less tired after a long day riding - presumably from my brain (yes I do have one!) having to do less work in filtering out the useless background noise to focus on the important stuff.

The supplied aluminium case is a quality piece, it looks the part, protects the plugs and acts as a reminder to store them away properly.

Having finally found a product that really works for me, I’m now converted to wearing them every time."