Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Why ear protection is still important when you have damaged hearing

Posted on 16 January 2019

Hard of hearing biker


Auritech recently conducted a survey among motorcyclists, to better understand their attitudes towards wearing hearing protection while riding their bikes.


Over 25% of those who responded said that they had some issues with their hearing, and we commonly hear riders telling us that ‘it’s too late’ or ‘my hearing’s already damaged’. These are just two common responses from older riders who have subjected themselves to many miles without wearing earplugs, however ‘I want to prevent myself from further damage’ is without doubt a response that would be of greater benefit to their long term health.


It’s well known that exposure to noise over 85dB can damage hearing, with around 15 minutes of riding at 62mph generating enough wind noise to put the rider at risk of causing permanent damage to their ears, but hearing loss is progressive and can get worse with further exposure to loud noises.


So it’s never too late to start wearing hearing protection, and stop yourself becoming ‘more deaf’. Tinnitus and hearing loss may not be curable, however taking care to protect yourself can ensure that the condition will not get worse.


Our survey also showed that many riders didn’t wear hearing protection because they didn’t like the way in which ear plugs eliminated all sounds, making them feel more vulnerable when riding their bike.


With filtered hearing protection such as Auritech’s Biker ear plugs available, riders are able to protect themselves from harmful high frequency wind noise, while retaining the ability to take in useful low frequency sounds like speech, sirens and traffic noise. These silicone-free thermoplastic earplugs have a tapered fit for comfort, while the patented, venture-shaped, ceramic filter reduces the harmful frequencies and is positioned deep inside the ear’s hearing channel for maximum comfort and performance.


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