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Biker Jen converts to Auritech Biker Earplugs

Posted on 31 July 2018

Biker Jen reviews our Auritech Biker Ear Plugs


Jen, our latest guest blogger, is the quintessential motorcyclist. If she isn’t holidaying on the Isle of Man during TT week, Jen is riding, cleaning, or talking about her motorcycles. The Bedfordshire based biker also likes to get her hands dirty by fettling and restoring projects in her spare time. She’s also been trying out some Auritech Biker ear plugs for size.

“I recently upgraded to a Suzuki GSX-R1000 with a rather loud exhaust. I've only ever used cheap squeezy foam earplugs on long distance Euro trips, as the wind noise eventually gets a bit too much, but I decided to try wearing them more frequently after a recent ride of about 200 miles to see a friend. My ears were still ringing when I woke up the next day, which worried me, so I decided to give the Auritech Biker ear plugs a try.


“I chucked them in my suitcase for a trip to the Isle of Man, for the TT races earlier this month, with the enthusiasm to use them. Potentially. 


How did the Auritech Biker Ear Plugs benefit Jen's motorcycle experience?


“The sensation of wearing the Auritech earplugs is very different. They remove the unwanted sounds, like wind noise and they reduce loud sounds like my noisy exhaust, but they still allow you to hold a conversation with friends at the lights. It's as if they decide what you want to hear and magically remove everything else. Magic earplugs. Definitely!


“I used them nearly every time I rode on the mountain road. The one time I forgot to put them in, I was gutted. They help with concentration as they remove all of the unwanted noise so you can just ride.


“I have ended up using the plugs in a variety of situations, and find myself reaching for them more often than not. No longer am I squeezing foam earplugs together and holding my fingers in my ears until they've expanded to their rightful foamy capacity. The Auritech earplugs take a quick spin on the way in and you're off. 


“Oh, and the travel case! I put a keyring with a hook through the top and I've been clipping it onto the zip of my rucksack or bumbag. Absolutely brilliant! They are always there when you need them, no chucking them inside your pocket, losing one and picking fluff off the other one.”


You can follow Jen on Instagram @biker_jen


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