Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Customer Reviews of Auritech Earplugs

Here is just some of the positive feedback we’ve had about Auritech Hearing Protectors from customers and reviewers...

Universal Fit Hearing Protectors

“I have been using you "Biker universal" ear protectors for two years now. On my second set having lost one of my originals. The new orange silicone ones are very comfy to wear, I can keep them in all day! And what a difference is noise reduction compared to the old fashioned foam rubbish. WOW. I ride an un faired Honda CBF 500 and on long tours across France these are a godsend. Thank you.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — T (Feb 2016)

“I wish I'd had Auritech's £19.95 'noise filtration' earplugs years ago; no matter how 'quiet' your helmet, wind noise can damage hearing. These newly redesigned plugs do a great job - they're comfier, brighter and filter out damaging sounds.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — David William in the Evening Standard (Dec 2015)

“I have been using the Auritech Hearing Protectors for 4 years for clay pigeon shooting. I have found them very effective and very easy to use and keep clean - so much so, I have now also purchased a set of Auritech motorcycle ones.”

Auritech Shoot Earplugs — VC (Dec 2015)

“I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your help and support last week in finding me the right ear defenders to match my specific requirements because of my brain injury - on Saturday, I went to my first party in over a year and danced with my friends to the music until the early hours without too much of a problem. I wish I could remember the names of the specific people who helped me with this matter and got my ear protection to me at the last minute in time for the party but I'm afraid I cannot; saying that, the overall service was fantastic, so this message is for you all.”

Auritech Music Earplugs — HB (Nov 2015)

“Wear them for shooting & wouldn't be without them. Don't realise how much they suppress the gun shot until I remove them to leave the ground. Don't have to lip-read other shooters next to me to know what they're saying. Speech is heard nice & clear.”

Auritech Shoot Earplugs — AH (Nov 2015)

“Apart from using them when on bike , I use mine when using electric saw and chainsaw .. Amazing bit of kit, highly recommended!”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — BE (Nov 2015)

“Well worth the retail cost of £19.99.

“I would never again consider using the cheap mass produced foam filters that cost one or two pounds.”

Auritech Music Earplugs Click Magazine Review (April 2015)

“The first test, [Heavy Rock from a High end Hi-Fi] showed that the design of the Auritechs made them very comfortable and after a few minutes i forgot i was wearing them.

“The music protectors did not detract from the quality of the sound. The lead vocals were easy to hear and the bass pressure is significantly reduced so as not to detract from the treble.”

Auritech Music Earplugs Click Magazine Review (April 2015)

“ the second test, the nightclub, which is a mix of banging bass and shouting, screaming and general rowdiness, was kept to an enjoyable level.

“It was possible to hold a conversation without problem due to the Auritechs design while keeping the harmful decibels at bay.”

Auritech Music Earplugs Click Magazine Review (April 2015)

“I have used these for over two years and genuinely cannot recommend them highly enough. They do what it says they do brilliantly and are oh so comfortable! They will save your hearing and because they do not blank out speech, horns, etc. may well save your life compared with foam plugs! You know you're worth it!”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — PB, President London Motorcycle Touring Club (April 2015)

“The protectors are comfortable, easy to insert and are a delight when it comes to holding a normal conversation without having to remove them, either face-to-face or using a headset link. I often wear them for long periods and always without any discomfort. They are my preferred hearing protector and ideal for Bloodbike duties when conversing with medical staff (during delivery and collection) is essential.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — MW, National Association of Blood Bikes (Jun 2013)

“Very good product should save my hearing, many thanks.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Ebay buyer (Jun 2013)

“I have been using a pair of them for several weeks and I find them every bit as good as the expensive ones I normally use.

“They are easy to insert and stay in place. I have found them comfortable on long rides and they are easily cleaned to ensure aural hygiene, but what's most important is that they block out the harmful noises associated with riding therefore protecting my hearing a while longer.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Paul Jennison, Adventure Bike Rider (June 2013)

“Superfast delivery, work great best ear plugs I have used on a bike. AAA+++”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Ebay buyer (Jun 2013)

“I purchased a pair of your Auritech Biker Hearing Protectors whilst visiting the bike show in Birmingham last year and have been very impressed with their effectiveness with noise reduction.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — CN (Jun 2013)

“I have already got my Biker set, received last week (and very good).”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — MD (Jun 2013)

“AURITECH "BIKER" good quality and good fit. Recommended.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Ebay buyer (May 2013)

“I found them very comfortable and they seemed to work.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — RB (Apr 2013)

“hello i was at the mcn show last friday 15/2/13 and bought a pair of your ear plugs, gotta say they seem to do the trick compared to normal foam ones can hear a lot more but do seem to cancel out the wind, now if you could just make some that cancel out the wife and kids!!!”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — DMcL (Feb 2013)

“Bought a set of auritech biker protectors today at excel centre show really good. I had 2 phonecalls on my journey and was able to explain on bike and called both later to book in the jobs. Before with foam plugs I would have shouted cannot hear you. Without plugs would have the same result.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — JD (Feb 2013)

“Just a quick note to say that I've received the ear plugs and now used them a few times and I am very pleased with them.”

Auritech Shoot Earplugs — PG (Jan 2013)

“I am really pleased with my hearing protectors. 

“Have done me proud on clay days, big number game days and when creeping round the hedgerow. I heartily recommend them to a shooter.”

Auritech Shoot Earplugs — AS

“They're comfortable for all-day use, and come in a neat metal container”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Ride Magazine

“They do exactly what they promise and after six weeks of daily use, I was very pleased”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — MCN

“In short, this product "does exactly what it says on the tin". 

“Would I buy them? Yes. 

“Do I think they are worth the money? Definitely.

“Will I continue using them? Absolutely!”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — JW, Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

“I have been using Auritech Biker Ear Protectors, not only for riding, but also in the pit lanes at the Moto GP. They are very comfortable, and do the job, but so far I have not lost them, as they don't fall out like the foam ones.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — Steve Parrish, former motorcycle racer and leading British motorsport commentator

“Having used the industrial ear plugs I have to say these are brilliant and the best buy in terms of ear protection”

Auritech Work Earplugs — TS

“Hi Auritech, I'd like to start by just saying your biker ear filters are a fantastic product. I've had some a month or so now & they are well worth the money over a cheap pack of disposables, & work much better. They block noise just as well but I can still hear noise around me, such as sirens & car tyres rolling as a car passes my blind spot, a great safety point! I'm now recommending them to all my customers.”

Auritech Biker Earplugs — JH (Laguna Motorcycles)

“I spent an afternoon in a hide with another shooter (that's when you tend to end up with ringing ears, when people shoot next to you), fired approx 100 shells and they were brilliant. So good in fact they're now attached to my jacket zipper in the case. I don't believe there's any thing wrong with these at all. I must say, I've never used them myself prior to this, but I am now a converted brand advocate for Auritech. I also ride a motorcycle so will give them a try on that too.”

Auritech Shoot Earplugs — Durham Decoys (shooting retailer)

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors

“I have had the pleasure of using Auritech Biker ear plugs for nearly 3 years now. First the universal then onto the custom fit. Touring Europe on both faired and un faired bikes I have found them both comfortable and safe. They do what they say they do. Reduce wind and harmful noise yet let through important sounds around you PLUS you can use your normal in helmet headset and hear it clearly! I have tried different makes and yes, I can say these are the best! I have been riding 40+ years, am a Blood Biker, IAM Rider and Chair of London Motorcycle Touring Club, so while not an expert I do have a good idea and these will save your hearing and compared to those that block all noise, could save your life. Think about it!”

Auritech Custom Fit — Paul B (Feb 2016)

“I used the Auritech Custom hearing protectors and they were great. Very comfortable, fitted very well and I could hear properly whist the protectors prevented damaging noise from getting through.”

Auritech Custom Fit — Omo Alokwe (Jan 2016)

“I used Auritech custom fit hearing protectors on a recent motorbike expedition of over 5,000 miles through 7 African countries, from Nairobi in Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa. A spectacular and memorable journey through tropical forests, deserts, mountains and plains including many miles on dirt roads. The Auritech hearing protectors were perfect for the job. Noise was significantly reduced but what I needed to hear, including my satnav was clear. In addition in reducing noise they greatly helped to reduce fatigue during many long days of riding and therefore contributed to my safety and well-being.”

Auritech Custom Fit — Roger Slade, motorcycle traveller (Dec 2015)

“I love my Auritech earplugs. I'd never used anything like this before but now I would hate to be without them. They fit perfectly and the filters are brilliant. I can still hear the important things, while the drone of the wind and engine noise is muffled, protecting my ears from long term damage.”

Auritech Custom Fit — Steph Jeavons, adventure biker (Oct 2015)

“My Auritech hearing protection's great, they block out all unnecessary noise and make it easier for me to concentrate on going faster!”

Auritech Custom Fit — Rory Skinner, motorcycle racer (Oct 2015)

“Earplugs that fit snugly and comfortably ... they incorporate a filter that blocks out windnoise without stopping you hearing horns, sirens or your engine ... washable and built for long service.”

Auritech Custom Fit — Colin Overland, Ride Magazine (Sep 2014)

“I'm a total convert...I can see why anyone riding high miles would splash out.”

Auritech Custom Fit — Andy Downes, MCN (July 2014)