Auritech Intelligent Hearing Protection

Customer Reviews of Auritech Earplugs

Here is just some of the positive feedback we’ve had about Auritech Hearing Protectors from customers and reviewers...

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors

“I have had a custom set of your ear plugs for a couple of months now and just wanted to say thank you for the product and service. I ride regularly for Surrey and London SERV ( Blood bikers) and have found them to be excellent.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors (April 2022)

“I am very pleased with my earplugs. I have struggled for many years to find earplugs which stay in once I put my lid on. Forever losing one when I take my lid off.

“I am a Blood Runner and will be putting my helmet on and taking it off several times during a call-out so having a set of earplugs that can stay in but still let me hear is a real plus.

“Makes a big difference at high and low speeds allowing me to hear satnav and calls through my helmet comms.

“Very pleased with my purchase, thank you.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors (March 2022)

“I am very pleased with my ear plugs for shooting. They worked very well out in the field and aren’t as bulky as my old headphones.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors (February 2022)

“Your custom fit earplugs are excellent! Much better than my previous ones and the fact they fit so neatly in my ear is brilliant.

“Noise attenuation and comfort are better than I could have imagined as is the design.

“If I need another set I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

“So from my end your service is impeccable from start to finish. I'm not sure you have much room for improvement.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors (September 2020)

“I am really pleased with my custom fit earplugs, I have used them on the road and on track. They are very comfortable and do a great job of keeping out the loud wind noise. But they still allow me to hear what’s going on around me.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors (September 2020)

“I have had the pleasure of using Auritech Biker ear plugs for nearly 3 years now. First the universal then onto the custom fit. Touring Europe on both faired and un faired bikes I have found them both comfortable and safe. They do what they say they do. Reduce wind and harmful noise yet let through important sounds around you PLUS you can use your normal in helmet headset and hear it clearly! I have tried different makes and yes, I can say these are the best! I have been riding 40+ years, am a Blood Biker, IAM Rider and Chair of London Motorcycle Touring Club, so while not an expert I do have a good idea and these will save your hearing and compared to those that block all noise, could save your life. Think about it!”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors

“Earplugs that fit snugly and comfortably ... they incorporate a filter that blocks out windnoise without stopping you hearing horns, sirens or your engine ... washable and built for long service.”

Custom Fit Hearing Protectors

Universal Fit Hearing Protectors

“I have been riding motorbikes for 50 years, and in the early years there were no earplugs. We didn’t even think about it. Thankfully that has all changed now, thanks to companies like Auritech. I used foam plugs for many years, but they were never quite right. Slightly uncomfortable, often either not suppressing noise enough (or not suppressing the right noise) or suppressing everything. Auritech earplugs are, in my opinion, perfect. My last pair I had for 8 years before I lost one. They were still working perfectly, suppressing all the dangerous wind noise that can do so much damage to your hearing, yet still allowing for conversations or hearing ambulance or police sirens. The fact that I don’t need to remove them every time I stop for fuel is a good thing. They have now been replaced with a new pair, I would not even consider any others. Thanks Auritech, for saving my hearing!”

Biker Hearing Protectors (April 2022)

“Having found firework night difficult for years, I couldn't believe the difference these made! I was able to comfortably hear and join in with conversation, but also watch the fireworks without flinching. Also great for children's birthday parties where before, balloons were a real problem for me. These are amazing and well worth the price.”

Shoot Hearing Protectors (January 2022)

“I have been using foam ear plugs and they were ok but still noisy! After a while on the bike they irritated my ears and I felt woozy. I was considering very expensive custom fit plugs but based on the reviews decided to give these a go!

“They are awesome!!! I would defy custom plugs to fit any better, they kill all high end noise but you can still have conversation and hear other traffic! They are really comfortable and don't build up pressure on my ears. I won't pretend to understand the technology but these are game changers!!!!!!”

Biker Hearing Protectors (December 2021)

“I can’t praise your work protectors highly enough.

“I work for a tool hire company in the construction industry, which exposes me to loud penetrating, painful noses that I need to avoid if my long-time tinnitus isn’t to get any worse.

“Prior to buying your work protectors, I was using large case defenders that made your ears ring if you knocked them, were cumbersome and inconvenient in the work environment.

“That all changed after buying your work protectors, now I can hear those noises I need to hear to work safely, yet don’t hear those that are painful and injurious.

“I was very impressed with your speed of service, they arrived within 24 hours.”

Work Hearing Protectors (November 2019)

“I first used this product in 2015, I owned an old Laverda motorcycle at the time, no screen or fairing, so I purchased a set of Auritech hearing protectors from my local J&S store.

“I found them very easy to use, and they reduced all the wind rush noise without cancelling out all the essential noises that are needed to maintain a safe journey on two wheels.

“I could still hear approaching vehicles, car horns etc.

“I have since bought another two sets, I find they last about 12 months, which for me represents two riding seasons, before they start to come apart.

“Priced at £20,they are excellent value.

“I highly recommend these to any rider.”

Biker Hearing Protectors (November 2019)

“Absolutely love these earplugs. Already recommended them to our group. We are new riders and found the foam plugs to be really annoying and quite distracting. These are great. You hardly feel like your wearing them and does exactly what they say. Blocks out wind and high level engine noise but not speech. Very happy and would definitely buy them again. ”

Biker Hearing Protectors (September 2019)

“Worth the money I'd say. Bought for clay shooting. Found that over ear defenders were getting in the way, so I bought these and I was surprised at how well they work”

Shoot Hearing Protectors (May 2019)

“An inexpensive hearing protector”

Shoot Hearing Protectors (January 2019)

“Brilliant product!

“Trips home to the family used to be slightly spoilt by the awful experience whilst flying, the pain in my ears when taking off and landing was terrible and the pressure was really uncomfortable; I used to dread flying. This time it was so different, really quite remarkable . I experienced no pain taking off and didn’t notice the changes in pressure as we landed, they were comfortable to wear and even cut out some of the cabin noise. Amazing that they had such an impact yet normal conversation with my partner wasn’t affected. Thoroughly recommend this product!”

Travel Hearing Protectors (December 2018)

“I’ve been using the Auritech Ear plugs for 7 months now whilst riding my motorbikes. I started off with the foam ones and then tried a few different brands of filtered plugs and have settled with the Auritech ones.

“I love them because they are comfortable to wear (even for long durations), they provide a great balance of sound reduction but still a decent level of ambient noise awareness (ie they don’t completely muffle ambient noise around you like conventional foam plugs).

“They are easy to put in and remove, the filter is nicely secured deep into the earplug and you would have to try very hard to dislodge/lose the filter which has happened to other brands of similar ear plugs I’ve owned.

“Lastly they come with a very handy waterproof storage tube which you can clip onto your keys and never forget your ear plugs again!

“ I have used mine in all kinds of situations, on track, on the road with my intercom playing music, on the road chatting with friends via intercom and they’ve been spot on. I do about 1500 miles a month commuting from a range of motorway speeds to in town filtering so they’ve been through most of the speed range and they’ve never let me down.

“Happily recommend the Auritech plugs and should I need replacements I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again!”

Biker Hearing Protectors (December 2018)

“These are a very impressive set of hearing protectors, great for concerts and gigs and superb for recording sessions, invaluable for drummers and brass bands. Really comfortable, very effective and comes with a good storage solution.”

Music Hearing Protectors (November 2018)

“I got some auritech ear plugs after chatting with another rider, I had been using the cheap foam ones but never really got on with them, apart from having to keep chucking them away after one use I found they muted out pretty much all sound which I didn't like while riding.

“The auritech ones work better, for me anyway, I can still hear what people are saying and hear the engine note, but I don't get the wind noise, which is the thing that gives me a headache.

“They are are easy to clean plus you get a small canister to keep them in. So no having to put them straight into a pocket. Sorted.”

Biker Hearing Protectors (November 2018)

“I find foam earplugs uncomfortable and when finally in place, I feel anaesthetised from the rest of the world. The Biker Earplugs are really easy to fit and comfortable on long rides. They drown out the wind noise really well but I can still hear conversations and use intercom listen to music etc. I don’t need to remove them at petrol stations.

“The small metal keyring storage cylinder is really useful so no more lost earplugs when not on bike. I did loose base of the cylinder on a recent ride however, Auritech were really helpful and friendly and sent me a replacement.”

Biker Hearing Protectors (October 2018)

“Superb protection whilst powdering clays!

“Used for clay shooting and found to be really very effective at reducing the muzzle report levels. You can hear perfectly people speaking, including quiet mutterings from a distance when they miss! I wouldn't waste the money on custom plugs, these work brilliantly & if you lose them they're only 20 quid!”

Shoot Hearing Protectors (July 2018)

“Does the job well and not as invasive as protectors. Brilliant , easy to use and clean.”

Shoot Hearing Protectors (June 2018)

“Auritech made the concert much more enjoyable - my ears weren’t ringing afterwards, and the music was really clear. What a great product!”

Music Hearing Protectors (April 2018)

“Auritech made the concert much more enjoyable - my ears weren’t ringing afterwards, and the music was really clear. What a great product!”

Music Hearing Protectors (April 2018)

“The first test, [Heavy Rock from a High end Hi-Fi] showed that the design of the Auritechs made them very comfortable and after a few minutes i forgot i was wearing them.

“The music protectors did not detract from the quality of the sound. The lead vocals were easy to hear and the bass pressure is significantly reduced so as not to detract from the treble.”

Music Hearing Protectors

“I spent an afternoon in a hide with another shooter (that's when you tend to end up with ringing ears, when people shoot next to you), fired approx 100 shells and they were brilliant. So good in fact they're now attached to my jacket zipper in the case. I don't believe there's any thing wrong with these at all. I must say, I've never used them myself prior to this, but I am now a converted brand advocate for Auritech. I also ride a motorcycle so will give them a try on that too.”

Shoot Hearing Protectors

“I am really pleased with my hearing protectors. 

“Have done me proud on clay days, big number game days and when creeping round the hedgerow. I heartily recommend them to a shooter.”

Shoot Hearing Protectors

“They're comfortable for all-day use, and come in a neat metal container”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“I wish I'd had Auritech's £19.95 'noise filtration' earplugs years ago; no matter how 'quiet' your helmet, wind noise can damage hearing. These newly redesigned plugs do a great job - they're comfier, brighter and filter out damaging sounds.”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“In short, this product "does exactly what it says on the tin". 

“Would I buy them? Yes. 

“Do I think they are worth the money? Definitely.

“Will I continue using them? Absolutely!”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“Hi Auritech, I'd like to start by just saying your biker ear filters are a fantastic product. I've had some a month or so now & they are well worth the money over a cheap pack of disposables, & work much better. They block noise just as well but I can still hear noise around me, such as sirens & car tyres rolling as a car passes my blind spot, a great safety point! I'm now recommending them to all my customers.”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“The protectors are comfortable, easy to insert and are a delight when it comes to holding a normal conversation without having to remove them, either face-to-face or using a headset link. I often wear them for long periods and always without any discomfort. They are my preferred hearing protector and ideal for Bloodbike duties when conversing with medical staff (during delivery and collection) is essential.”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“They do exactly what they promise and after six weeks of daily use, I was very pleased”

Biker Hearing Protectors

“I have used these for over two years and genuinely cannot recommend them highly enough. They do what it says they do brilliantly and are oh so comfortable! They will save your hearing and because they do not blank out speech, horns, etc. may well save your life compared with foam plugs! You know you're worth it!”

Biker Hearing Protectors